How the book series came about..

Back in 2004 Walt had a dream and woke up with a sense of urgency. Deborah, his wife, looked up at him and asked what was wrong. Walt looked at her and announced “I’ve gotta write a story about little blue people under the sea who are saving the reef!”

With that said he got up and started jotting down some ideas for the story. He continued to develop the story over the next year or so while he started his search for an artist to help illustrate his vision. After interviewing many artists over the next two years (some very good ones) he had trouble keeping one on board either due to schedule conflicts or just not the right look for the characters he envisioned. As a result, the project went dormant for a few years.

Finally, in about 2016 his daughter Brittany asked him what ever happened to the Bula Buddies that he promised he would finish by the time she had her own kids to read it to. She already had one daughter and another on the way. That comment fired the determination to finish his book.

This time around the artist’s and story line came together in a more meaningful way and the project was in full production. Some really great artist suddenly became available and although the story has had many changes since the beginning he justifies the time it took to finally getting the right message out there and inspire our youth to learn more about the sea and how they can make a change for the best.


Book 2 is in production now and should be out soon, keep watching the site for the release date. Book 2 will be a continuation of the story that starts in Book 1 and you will meet some new characters … get ready for a surprise!

We have a great 204-piece Bula Buddie puzzle in production now and should be available soon. We will announce on the site when it is available to purchase … keep watching for this and other news!