Bula everyone!

Bula is pronounced “boolah” and in Fiji it is the most common word used when you meet someone. This greeting means that you are wishing a person a good life.

The Bula Buddies was created and written by Walt Smith and he and his wife Deb have created ways to use the Bula Buddies to raise awareness for coral reef restoration work in Fiji. 

When you buy a Bula Buddies product part of the proceeds goes directly to the ADE Project: Aquaculture Development for the Environment. ADE has been planting coral on the reefs of Fiji since 1998 and they have just developed a plan to plant more than 1,000,000 new corals on the reefs of Fiji in just one year with your help. 

Fiji is located in the South Pacific and has about 330 islands. It owns the largest area of ocean in the South Pacific and is home to the third-largest Barrier Reef in the world, called “The Great Sea Reef”. Most of the reefs in Fiji are still in good condition but we have to act fast to make sure they stay that way. 

Bula Buddies helps children and families have fun while doing their part to help save our coral reefs.

Vinaka vaka levu!

Oh, that means Thank you very much!

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