Learn About ADE

ADE stands for Aquaculture Development for the Environment. ADE has developed a plan to plant more than 1,000,000 new corals on the reefs of Fiji. 

Mission Statement 

To promote the sustainable management and conservation of global marine ecosystems, develop aquaculture and mariculture programs for the protection of the environment, and contribute to rural communities through training and economic support. 

Statement of Commitment 

  • Implementing global conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems. 
  • Supporting responsible local management of marine aquaculture resources. 
  • Educating the local community in reef restoration efforts and benefits. 
  • Promoting responsible, sustainable and viable industry management. 
  • Contributing to economic growth through sustainable development, ecotourism, public awareness, and improved local stewardship of coral reefs. 
  • Developing programs that contribute to understanding global warming issues through research and development of a more resilient coral reef. 
  • Establishing and maintaining local reef restoration and rehabilitation programs. 
  • Advancing our knowledge of coral growth, settlement and resilience to change resulting from large scale coral planting and sharing what is learned with the global scientific community. 

Our Objective 

Creating economically and environmentally sustainable solutions in coral reef rehabilitation in Fiji: an approach to job creation for rural communities, women and youth. This program will partner with tourism for the outcome of economic growth in local and investment economies and, at the same time, continue to provide positive environmental impact. 

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