Bula Buddies

Bula, everyone! 

We’re the Bula Buddies.

We come from deep under the sea in a place called Viti Village. 

Our village needs some help. The corals are starting to act strange and some of our young heroes have a pretty good idea of how to solve the problem. 

So … Go ahead and scroll down the page to meet your new underwater heroes.  

Simeon, Bula Buddies


Simeon has been to the “Great Learning” and has a good idea of how to save the reef with the help of his two friends … Heidi and Seeker.



Seeker is the head scout for the journey they are about to take. He takes his job very seriously to keep his friends safe.


She has special powers that she only uses for emergencies when her friends need her help.  She is truly one of the strongest members of the team.



Slider is Simeon’s special pal. He is always there to help guide but also to give Simeon a rest on his long journeys to far away reefs where he works on his experiments.

Doc Cod

Doc Cod is the elder statesman of the village. He has pretty much seen everything and is full of wisdom and advice. He never holds back when it’s his time to speak up as he often does.

Finnegan and Flyn

Finnegan and Flynn

Finnegan and Flynn are brothers that always seem to find their way into trouble no matter how innocent it starts out. They are sweet little guys that are always there to help out whether needed or not and they mean well.



Angel is Dreemi’s older sister and she is always looking after her while she is in dreamland. Angel’s special power is that she can talk with the fishes and receives useful information from them that sometimes can be a lifesaver for the rest.



Dreemi may seem like she is always sleeping but that little brain of hers is wide awake. She is Angel’s little sister, and she shares a similar power that allows her to see danger while she sleeps and warn the rest of the village.

Antwan and Dragin

Antwan and his pet Dragin are always there to capture the moment. Antwan is the head chef of the village turned self-appointed photojournalist.



Dragin is always there to make sure he “drags” Antwan to whatever is happening.

Dr. Roxanne Waves

We meet Dr. Roxanne Waves in Book 2. She comes from another world above the water. She is a famous scientist and spends most of her time working on the corals to save them. She doesn’t seem to age and she has learned over the years to breathe the water and talk with the creatures she meets. She has become a legend!

Dr. Waves and her Ride

She creates quite a sight on the back of her fearsome-looking but gentle ride as she patrols every reef looking for trouble and ways to help.

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